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33.6km Laufen (Profis) - Technisch, Ausdauer nötig, Steile Passagen, Asphalt, Schotter
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Rallye Konz


Sandweiler Quellenweg + Mühlenweg

11.3km Laufen, Radfahren (Fortgeschrittene) - Technisch, Ausdauer nötig, Steile Passagen, Asphalt, Schotter
Start at the cemetary in Sandweiler (ca. 4k from here). Jogging there is also possible (see the other tracks, pass by the tennis / sports club, all on tarmac). The left half round is the Quellewee, the right half round is the Millewee. It is recommended to follow the signs in the right direction, otherwise it is difficult to find...

Chemin Autopedestre Contern/Moutfort/Medingen

11.0km Laufen, Radfahren (Fortgeschrittene) - Asphalt, Schotter
Route Autopedestre. Follow the white sign with the blue triangle and a "1" printed on it. Run clockwise (otherwise it is more difficult to find the track). A mix of tarmac, partly along roads (short), through the villages and through some very nice forest and valley passages, with several nice viewpoints. More info:

Short Tarmac Round

5.4km Laufen (Anfänger) - Asphalt
This is a mostly flat (as much as possible) round only on tarmac. It is good for flat race pace tests, interval trainings, and alike, when preparing for road races and to analyze the speed per heartbeat level. A small variation is provided for the return path, too.

Naturpfad Trail

6.6km Laufen (Anfänger)
Very nice trail around the Dupont factory. One round is almost exactly 3.7km, and those who like could do several of course :)

Kulturpfad Trail

10.3km Laufen (Fortgeschrittene) - Steile Passagen, Asphalt, Schotter
This has become one of our classics in 2012. You need to run to Contern and through towards Syren till km1.5 where a small agri road starts on your left. From there, just follow the blue little signs with the white arrow and the letter "A" written on it. If you meet another blue triangle sign, or a letter "B"...

Konzer Runde

12.6km Laufen, Radfahren (Fortgeschrittene) - Asphalt

Regular Round - Suggestion

8.3km Laufen (Fortgeschrittene)
Never ran this one, could work well as a regular round for up to an hour of running. Need to check if streets are "runnable" ...

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